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All our projects can be viewed here. Details for the pojects are available when possible. We try to have all our projects as opensource as possible. However due to constrains with the licences of the software we use. Some projects or parts of projects are classified as creative comments Non-Commercial. This is manily included to 3D designs since I use solidworks under student licence. This does not allow commercial work, I like solidworks, I don't want to get into problems with solidworks. Please check the creative comments licence on each project page before using.

For education, hobby or non profit, go your gang but donations are welcome.

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Kit robot

The Kit robot is an ongoing project to design a robot that can be easily built with simple machines that can be expected to be available on an Engineering college or university. The project is designed to be as modular as possible. This page documents the design process, pitfalls and victories of the process.

The project will be under a creative comments licence.

physical design.jpg


Restoration of smaller tools and quicker restoration projects in between large projects. All the projects are designed to expand the possibilities what can used.

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