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Pneumatic tool restoration(1): the start

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

This Beco pneumatic repo saw is a bit of a dumpster find and the history is unknown. While the machine works its a bit beaten and needs some love. Mostly in lubricating and cleaning the machine so I took it upon me to get myself a nice Pneumatic tool to start and expand my tool kit to come.

The construction is mostly aluminium with steel plungers and pistons. The head that holds the saw blade is scratched up both on the guiding rail and the tool that holds it. I guess that it has gotten less oil then it wanted. I will have a look if I want to bore out the walls and smooth them out again. The trough that would result in way more play then one would like.

The cylinders and pistons that operate the machine look good, the oil is a bit old but that can be easily taken care of. The intake oil spreader is not degraded so that is good and the handle and valves are a bit stuck. Nothing that shouldn't be too big of a problem

The planing to maintain it is to strip all the pain to start and then put the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner before reapplying the pain and assembling it. I will also have to find a connector to attach a hose to so I can power it from my compressor. all in all this project should take me a week or two.

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