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Wood Turning lathe (2) - Some brute force.

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

With the motor all cleaned and taken care of, the rest of the lathe needs to be disassembled. Something that turned out to go not as smoothly as planned. A combination of ten-year-old sawdusty, oil grease and rust made it a hassle of getting any bolts out of the machine. First of are the guides to make the machine just a tiny bit lighter

Trying to take the guides from the machine wasn't a piece of cake when. All bolts required a bit of tough love with an WD40 and an impacter made most bolts come out, however, one little bolt was naughty and decided to give up on me.

Here we have a little callback to the last project of the repo saw. After some consideration of what the bolt required, and needed I decided to get the repo saw and show the little bolt who is the boss.

After working the bolt for about 10 minutes, failing to cut it trough with a new saw blade, trying to drill through the bolt, the bugger came out on its own and I could just rotate the bolt out of the guide.

Trough the lathe did not give it's last fight to trying and get the machine apart.

The fight that was left was trying to remove the pulley from the machine and trying to remove the bearings. The cast aluminium pulley did not survive the ordeal, the metal had been weakened over the use resulting in no clear signal that the pulley broke until it was to late. As the shaft was rusty, I assumed that it was hard to remove due to an redox reaction between the steel of the shaft and the aluminium. Only when I i tried to remove the bearings it came to light that the end of the axle was domed out by some unknown reason.The dome had been filed down to ensure that the bearing could be removed with a pulley puller and some WD40.

With Finally everything removed we are left with a metal frame that is not at all ready to be painted. It needs to be stripped of the oil paint, sanded and cleaned off the rust and grime before it can be painted and rebuild. Next post will be the cleaning and painting of the frame, together with some colour theory about what colours are used.

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