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Pneumatic tool restoration(2): Its all coming together

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The first step in the renovation process is to strip the paint from the parts. Using a paint stripper makes easy work from this. It took a few tries before the paint was fully stripped and ready for the next step;

Using an ultrasonic cleaner the parts are cleaned with the excess stripper removed, In preparation for painting the new coat of paint, the parts are cleaned with Hammerite Metal degreaser to make sure that the paint holds. The parts will not be primed not to keep the layer thickness of the paint down. The internal parts receive the same cleaning treatment together with a wipe down of break cleaner.

The parts require two coats of paint, while the original paint job did not have the operating switch painted, I chose to give it a red coat to make it easily stand out from the black case and make it look nicer. There were some minor details that needed a touchup mainly due to the masking tape pulling some tape with.

First assembled is the handle, it houses two valves, a top safety cutoff and a lower operation valve that is connected to the red switch. The yellowish plastic bowl houses mineral oil to be drawn up via a wig to disperse into the air passing through the system and lubricating the rest of the system. This little bowl was never used by the previous owner and resulted in wear from the tool that made it to cease operation

The body is assembled, when installing the inner workings of the repo-saw a generous amount of mineral oil is used. Just to ensure operation while the oil system doesn't have time to spread the oil through the machine. A test of the machine ensured that it works like a well-oiled machine. The last part is to install the guard and blade guide and the saw is done. It works and makes short work of the material. The saw does require a load of air and my 25L dentist compressor is not enough to supply the air for more than a minute or so. So next on the list of machines to require is a better compressor.

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